Three letters.

Can`t input chinese because I am working on an apple with only english and japanese input method.

It`s a desk top apple. of course it is cool. but I am not familiar with it till now. The keyboard is a littel bit small (expecially it is in japanese layout) and the UI is not familiar. O.K. O.K. anyway, I am old and out. I will choose working on MS windows till there are reasons other than fashion or in or evil MS. @¥@

I write three letters during my weekend, now I feel relief and comfortable.

Wanghao has mentioned that Floyd has a theory that one will be happy and peaceful if and only if he gets well with( in chinese we use the word: gao3ding4.) the most closet 10 peoples around him. I agreed with him, and again, this theory is proved true now.

Recently there is a theory with the name "6-dimension space". In short it argues that u can get to know anyone along a path with at most 6 people. But why I bother to know the people has nothing to do with me. Suppose I can get to know Bush in this way, can I persuade him stopping the war? redicuios. en.. maybe I am the people labed by inactive. ok, I am lazy and feel enough with no more than 20 people around me.

1st letter to Del.icio.us. explain my experiments to the staff. and just to see if they are mercy enough as to permitting my usage of their data. And till now I just get the confirmation letter but not the response. So I started my programe again, this time with only one thread. This thread has been survived for 20 hours at the time I left my dorm. My heart bleeding, because the frequent I/O made my hard disk noise....
2nd letter to prof Xu. My advisor in Peking Univ. Haven`t contact with him for a long time.
3rd letter is finished at about 2:00am this morning. To my advisor here in tokyo univ. Because I am trapped by myself. That is I am so eager to working on my previous topic, but prof. assigned me a new one. I am not opposit to it, just I need time and concentrate. One time one job. :D (In fact, professor has talked with me after the mail. He is so kind ^_^ and now I felt relief. need not worrying and wanderring, and go on with my resesarch. hoho)

So the world is so beautiful today~~ lalalala...

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