A website that explains RDF and its functions to the outsided world.
As the author, Joshua Tauberer, said:

" The problem I was trying to fix is that, as
far as I've seen, we need to do a much better job of explaining to the outside world just why RDF is so simple and useful. We're not going to
reach a Semantic Web any time soon unless more people know about and understand RDF. "

The article "Quick Intro to RDF" is so well written. Clear and hitting the point. I would like to recommend all the beginners of SW and RDF to this article.

Citing again,

  • "RDF isn't strictly an XML format, it's not just about metadata, it has little to do with RSS, and it's not as complicated as you think."
  • "RDF is a method designed for expressing knowledge in a decentralized world and is the foundation of the Semantic Web, in which computer applications make use of distributed, structured information spread throughout the Web."
  • "Everything at all mentioned in RDF means something, whether a reference to something concrete in the world, an abstract concept, or a fact. Standards built on RDF describe logical inferences between facts and how to search for facts in a large database of RDF knowledge"
  • "RDF applications can put together RDF files posted by different people around the Internet and easily learn from them new things that no single document asserted. It does this in two ways, first by linking documents together by the common vocabularies they use, and second by allowing any document to use any vocabulary"

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