a RP exploration!!!

and midi was runing! Ran down the stairs! Rushed to the door! and the door closed just in front of me...
People inside stared at midi outside with no expression.(Yes,it's the typical Tokyo. No expression is the only exrression of the city.)

Midi made a sad face exaggratedly(since they would not judge, or at least would not judge utterly). I guess everyone within 20 miles around me could feel how frustrated I was...

What's the time for the next train? 20minuts later? or 30? When midi was looking around for a seat. The train gave a slight shake, however, no it's not leaving! The door openned, first uncertainly, then steadily. Midi, astonished(Just imangine how surprise u will be when u see a prince after kissing the frog!), With the same exaggerated but lucky face, midi stepped in~

Now a western lady, about 50) beside me is makingt up, and the high school girl opposite to me is eating instant noodle. midi sit here with no expression (i.e. no judgement) typing on the phone,wandering:y the door opened again?

Maybe it's wrong. But I'd like to think it as a kindness from the midnight driver-- They are famous to the whole world for their being on time and stiking to the rules.


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