Upsetted by the PS3 Debut in Japan

To begin with, today's blog will be relatively long. But I HOPE you will be patient enough to finish it. And it will be one in mixed Chinese and English, which I tried my best to avoid in the past, as I hope people from both sides can read and *undersand* it.

About the PS3 Debut in Japan.

I am not ganna cheer for the debut or complain about its quick sold out. In fact midi is not so much into it. Only there happens to be some (male) gamer friends and they mentioned ps3 from time to time.

Should I feel lucky because the first buyer is a Chinese, like here. Or feel ashamed according to the report from a Japanese newspaper (check the pic below)
No, midi just feel upsetted.

Two news about the ps3.
news #1. from the Japanese newspaper:

I will try to translate it roughly and partially - due to my struggling Japanese - for friends who can't read Japanese. If there were any mistakes please comment.


福冈市多博的“yodobashi camera multimeida多博”店可限量售出200台PS3,但是从前一天晚上开始就有400人排队等候。据店内工作人员说,排队的大部分是中国人。从早上七点开卖起,中国人听从一个似乎叫做‘元缔’的人的指示,将一台台ps3购买入荷。刚买来的机器原封不动的堆放在店内的一角。这些中国人像是给‘元缔’打工,卖完后可以得到酬劳。

买机器的时候,只能讲少许的日语,靠手势于店员交流。店内时不时能听到因为没被找钱(?not sure),而怒喝‘元缔’的中国人的声音。早八点ps3全部卖完。‘元缔’的两辆车中推满ps3。”

店内负责人说,以前中国人大量来买游戏机的事情以前也发生过,好像是有组织的(not sure)。真是麻烦。得采取点什么措施才行。

同在多博中区的bic camera天神二号馆,限量贩卖50台,约有20名中国人,很像集团购买的样子参加抽选。SCE也发来有中国人有组织的集团购买的消息。该公司广告部职员说:‘因该是处于转手贩卖目的买机器的。这对那些完全为了娱乐而买及其色顾客造成了很大的不便。虽然我们很想处理。但是很难从买者中证据确凿的分辨两者。也没有相应的取缔措施。’

10点开始yahoo auction上,已经开始有ps3在卖,合计预售券为1500件。ps3机型有两种,便宜的开价40,080yen,贵的机型开价在六万左右,大容量HDD装载的高端型号甚至有20万成交的案例。”

News #2: Now the Foreigners And Fights, PS3 JPN Launch's Dark Side with more detailed descriptions, and even pic and video taken and sent by Dirk Benedict, who lives in tokyo.

"Everybody, the PlayStation 3 is the door to a new world of interactive entertainment," the spunky Japanese rep trumpeted as SCE CEO Ken Kutaragi joined her on stage.

Unfortunately for her and the rest of the Sony entourage, the men and women standing patiently in the front of the line either didn't understand what she was saying, or didn't care - the first buyers of PS3 were largely elderly Chinese men and young Chinese women with shaky Japanese language skills.

This is the true face of the PlayStation 3 debut in Japan. Hardcore gamers are not here waiting in line overnight, buying a first-run PS3, and running home to play some good old next-gen gaming. Rather, opportunistic Japanese businessmen have the largest presence, hiring poor Chinese men and women to wait in line for a PS3, one which will later be sold on web auctions to wealthy gamers around the world for exorbitant amounts of money.

The pressure was too much as the line busted open and more pushing ensued (which broke out in front of the waiting truck), causing those waiting in back to push forward, inching themselves closer to the finish line with a prideful Kutaragi waiting.

One man truly leveled-up - the chaos allowed him to push forward from roughly 200th in place all the way up to 20th in line.

"Today I witnessed the most disturbing side of the video game industry in my three decades of game fandom. It's not the Chinese that I'm upset about. Who can blame them? If you're poor and without a good job in Japan, 20,000 yen to wait in line isn't a bad deal. And for ambitious people like the Chinese students I encountered who scored five PS3s, this hardware launch could net them thousands of dollars in profit through online auditioning - that's more money for them to spend on tuition. These are the lucky Chinese kids in Japan, getting an education, and trying to get ahead in life. If these kids are good students, who's to say that they should be playing PS3 instead of using the console to afford more education? "

我想说,This is the hardest part for midi. Yes, it's reasonable, it's true, and it hurts.
OK, midi apologizes to the (rich ^^) PS funs for my poor folks. Although the author of the 2nd news is kind enough who just discussed the possible solutions against similar situations in the future for Japanese society.

To my I folks, I know, I can't simply say it's wrong, especially if it is a matter of living. But if you have a decent job, please don't join the line for more money.
If you are in China, what's the feeling when you use the "hacked" machine shipped to you in this way?


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