concept graph and CDL/UW

from the paper:
"Ontology, Metadata, and Semiotics" by John F. Sowa


Design and specification languages have multiple metalevels, as an example, the Unified Modeling Language has four levels: the metametalanguage defines the syntax and semanticss of the UML notations; the metalanguage defines the general-purpose UML types; a systems analyst defines application typs as instances of the UML types; finally, the working data of an application program consists of instances of the appication typs. To provide a unified view of all these levels, Olivier Gerbe and his colleagues at the DMR Consulting Group implemented design tools that use conceptual graphs as the representation language at every level. For his PhD disserattion, Gerbe developed an ontology for using CGs as the metametalanguage for defining CGs themselves. He also applied it to other notations, including UML and the Common KADS system for designing expert systems.

Comment: CG is used to describe CDL/UW?

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