Got lost

mobile blog time.
It's wired I got lost at the most impossible spot this noon.

Just first put my bike at its usual place near the station. then might a wrong turning somewhere? Cannot figure out clearly...hooo~la~,found myself in a vivid ,but, unfamilar street... where is the station?

Based on the map in my brain, plus the logical intruduction(is it the right word? can't use jinshan.). ..select the might-correct way.
If I can say, it's an amazing experience...sometimes u can find a familar store along the road. But it is totally different in the bright sunshine! yes, no data stored for their daily appearance...

everything is fresh and cheerful.feel like I fell into the magic town of harrypotter(is the spelling correct for that famous guy?)

ok. time's up. get off the train!(^_^)v

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