A possible solution for cross domain problem

Today, umbro helped me make sure that
the php function get_file_cotents() will not work because SF web server
prohibit the initiative outgoing connection. (yes, of course, who will get permit his web server do such kind of things.)

http://fettig.net/weblog/2005/11/28/how-to-make-xmlhttprequest-connections-to-another-server-in-your-domain/ [1]
gives a clinet side solution to the problem. Havn't try it. but guess it works based on the comments.

While anyway, I decide to go on without looking on this problem.
Just suppose all the pages comes from the same domain.
Turn back after the other part is done.

By then I can either
1. build up a server that allows outgoing connection
2. follow the instructions given by [1]

Guess there would be sth new arising for cross domain security from the browser companies.

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