Prepare for the ABSURDNESS

May you have noticed that I posted several testing posts. Yes, I want to publish the html file(which means pictures can be included) instead of the plain text to blogspot, by email.

Because, We people in China can't visit blogspot, it is one of the many prohibited websites... well.. maybe we can hop across the computers all over the world and find some complicated path reaching here, but just for reading... Blogging(editing) is totally impossible.


Since I will go back to China tomorrow. I prepared myself a blogging chain..
1)blogging locally on my computer and email it to blogspot.
2)then blogspot will resend the post to my msn space.
Thus I have two copies of the same post,and can check the results on msn space...

Why don't I use msn space only? it sucks....
Put all the unpleasant things(not so long ago) aside. U know, recently, if you don't edit your "personal contact card" provided by msn space. They will not show your name while you comment. So u became no one. Yes, msn space is a free service, but you have to play their rule, in which, u are just money or visiting numbers instead of a human being...

Weeee~ ... I guess there are too many complains? ^_^ anyway..
see u!

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