midi,run midi!

ok, life is like a box of chocolate.

Even if u don't have a deep impression about the movie like me, still u can recite the sentence,easily,like me. (o^-')b

partially duing to the idiot-like but innocent way of speaking. partially because, well, any way,it's a box of "chocolate",instead of some sh*t, how bad will the chocolate be? although don't know what's inside. it's still hopeful.

en... I go too far away from the topic! yes,running!Now I've got used to the tokyo-hurry-walking habbit.That means, u will see midi climb along the escalator,running, head to the station,running, on the way to another train,running...I still remember how we discussed the everyone-running tokyo in our japanese class. Now I am one in "everyone". (^_^)v

No, I am not SO busy, just only the might enough time is left so that midi can sleep longer, or check herself in the mirror morecarefully. en. I can do so because everything is on time.

start off at 8*10
arrive at the eki at 8*34 catch the train for 8*36
transfer and catch still anoher at 9*12
arrive at univ. at 9*25

so, run! to catch the right, to fetch up the late gotup, to boil all the water in ur body, to stop the heart from kept aching...

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