Experience sapporo with high heel

sapporo(札幌) is a small city, not only when compared with Tokyo. I wonder what.s the poptlation of sappora, the density is at least five times less than that of tokyo, based on the passengers in the town.

The buildings take the european style: dark red blocks or huge stones; not skyscraper but grand.

Girls are not so fashion as tokyo girls. They lack details, such as a belt,the curves of hair, the cristical makeup. They basically don.t mix&match or mix&layer. tokyo girls are awlfully good at them.

Midi spent the whole day walking with her high heel shoes. the heel is 3*5inch high and the bottom is half of the little nail. When I took off the shoes tonight, the height is only 3*3inch... the other 0*2 have already turned into parts of the sappora street. I do take another pair with me, but still high heeled...

Self travelling is interesting,I learned a lot from littlenail. But it.s another story.

good night sappora!


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