otaru 小樽

Today LN got bad lucked...poor LN, bless. While she got excited right after JR stopped at otaru. Forget sapporo, furano and asahigawa! We love here.

This night we stayed in a family hotel. Enn... the feeling is great! Tiny, clean and lovely.

We tried to help those Chinese travellers who are uncapable of Japanese. Most of them can speak English quite well, but it's almost impossible for them to understand "Japalish". Someone appreciated our help, someome refused proudly by thinking we are people from mainland who don't know English. It's funny. I found I am not so keen on stranger's opion as before.

It's amazing because, LN and I, our Japanese is so poor... but still we managed the travel successfully!People in hokkaido are not so cold as people in tokyo, here u r not afraid to be a stranger... or I wonder, is it me who take off the pretention instead?

When will I get bored if I keep on the way?

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