Comments got for last presentation.

On the last friday, I presented my work our lab.
Here you can find the ppt of my presentation.

Today I get the comments from all the members.

The detailed comments are listed below.
And now I am thinking about and trying to answser the most popular(severe) ones.

1. what's the targeting uesrs? and why they are willing to envolved in?
2. will grapihcal interface win? how to win?

detailed comments.

ppt tech:8 items7. postures are good.
10. pay attention to the speaking.. always the voice goes down.
15. the font are small
16. too many content on a slide.
speak to the audience.
18. too many content on a slide
24. mis-spelling
25. bigger font
scenario: 10
1. explain the system related to application / usage
2. can user have good motivation to annotation by this method.
4. the purpose of this system. what kind of information can provide
the aim of the system.
5.the advantage of the work.
8. why user will use this system.
11. why user will use it.
14. why user will use it.
16. how to use tags?
21. research motivation
22. how to persuade the end user into the process

tech route: 4
6. why there are 3 layers?
19. svg is not good. the limitation of script supporting.
20. graphically? the usage of that.
23. graphic is better or not?

future work:4
3. UW and CDL ontology relation terms in Lego Note <- interface
an interface to construct CDL data.

9. if the content of the tagged website is removed/edited. robust
13. the problem of attaching semantics to tag graph
17. the performance of the tag clustering


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