blog time

about the word "party".

I hate it. nonono... it isnot the word. just because our japanese classmates like to use it on anything. dinner..lunch...karaok...ok.seems anything with a lot of people standing together will become a party. OMG!

So I think I have been influnced more or less. Last time I bought a mini skirt and told umbro that I can wear it when I party with dongzi...means she comes to my home or I go to her home. I call it homepar..hoho..

oh. now I feel more comfortable with my mobile phone.because yesterday I finally got to know how to insert a space between letters.It once was a desaster if u missed a space unfortuantly: to delete all the words behind then press left to get the space... stupid...

it is almost the time to get off the train. so that's all for today.o(^-^)o

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