The Crows of Tokyo

On the first day entering the campus of Tokyo University, I was totally astonished by thoese crows. So many of them! and they walk, they fly, they diving. They black, they ugly, they everywhere! I am so uncomfortable with them. Because in China, it means bad luck for you to see a crow. I have to meet with the "bad luck" everyday? It makes me feel sick and depressing.

Also, there are news about how the crow brokes the garbage or pulls off the flowers.

But last Friday, I got to know how lovely they are.
(ATTENTION, EVERYONE! here I use the method of writing taught in our middle school. hoho.. u, answer the question, what`s it? 8-) )

Last friday it was about 3*30pm when I finished my ppt for the next day. (Yes! we people in Japan work on SATURDAY!) Although so tired when I slept on my bed. I felt the slight movements of the floor. Then the crows flies and cries... In fact at first I am not sure whether it is a earth quake or not, but the crow convinced me. We know that the animals are more insensitive than our human beings... and they also said that crows are clever in face.
So got up and checked the TV and Yahoo earthquack information.. Yes. There is a earthquake about level6 (japanese level), far from my house inside the sea.

OK. Allow me finish this primary school composition. But remember, crow is useful for earthquake confirmation. If you have no other pets like me.
At least they are everywhere and need not be raised.

One more word, about the photo, In fact It is not taken by me. But I do google images by the key words: "tokyo university crow" (in japanese), and found it. So it is a crow of Tokyo University.
Believe me!!!!

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