plz stop

You have a friend. Every time you meet with him, this guy will say "you should do this and not that", "why don't you do that", "ok, you are always this kind of person".

I call friends of this kind "negative person". Every single meet with this negative person, your nerves stress and you get deep deep deep deep low.

A negative person is the cleverest. He is good at making immediate conclusion from a word or a sentence. there is no need or time for him to understand the whole situation.

A negative person is always the right one. If you act differently to him, then you are definitely wrong, which he will tell you whenever you are doing, of course.

A negative person is merciful. He does all the trouble for your good. So you have to feel yourself a fool. And if you don't, you will be so ungrateful.

Havn't you been felt up with them? If yes, When will you say "plz stop" to him? when will you say:"I like advices and kind help, but not opinionated judgements. Please don't ruin my good moods every time we met"?


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